Rug Selection

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If you are looking for ideas and/or options for rugs to complete the look in your home, you found the right service! Our Rug Selection option will not only save you time but money.

This service gives you several options to consider for an area of your home, and we will provide links to purchase each rug.

Once purchased: Send us a photo (or two or three) of the area you need help with to

NOTE: If you are looking for help with more then one space make sure to purchase the correct amount for this option. Example: I need help with a rug for my bedroom and living room. The quantity for Rug Selection would be TWO(2) in my cart. 

Please include the following information: Size of the furniture that will placed on the rug or size of the area the rug is to be placed (hallway, entry), color scheme of the room it's in, and any other additional information or photo's you think will be helpful in our search. Make sure to also send us the BUDGET you would like to stay around. If you are unsure of budget, please note that we will send you pieces that fall anywhere from middle - high in price range ($$ - $$$). If you are just looking for ideas because you will search for similar items on your own, then no budget is necessary. We will still send you links to the company's we select pieces from for your reference. 

Within 3-5 business days, you will receive a Design Board in PDF format with the items selected, how to style each item, and where you can purchase.