Stacy Samarin

Driven by the pursuit of perfection with an extreme attention to detail, Stacy of Stacy Samarin Designs has established a reputation as an up and coming leader in the interior design industry. Her overall personal demand for quality products and impeccable service tailored to each individual client sets her apart. The enthusiasm Stacy brings to a project is reflected in the architectural detailing, materials selection, use of color, texture, and the extraordinary balance she achieves through a keen and unique eye for all her design clients and projects.

Armed with a degree in English Literature from Fresno State University, Stacy worked along side kids and young adults as a teacher, coach, mentor and friend for 13 years. During this time Stacy created programs, organized events, helped friends start their business's, go after their dreams and reach their goals. Her influence continues to multiply today through each of the lives she touched as they continue on their journey in life. But in 2013, everything changed and she made a decision to finally pursue one of her long time passions and go back to school to study Interior Design in Southern California.

While in school she was hired as the GM at Nuance Home in Laguna Beach, CA and also worked as an interior design assistant to Lisa McDennon of Lisa McDennon Design. Her first hand experience working under a seasoned designer and managing a store allowed Stacy the opportunity to see the in and outs of running your own design retail business, the design industry and that remodeling a space takes longer then what HGTV shows in a 1-hour program.

Living in Orange County, CA opened up doors to new experience and fabulous friendships that gave her the courage to start her own firm. She wanted to bring a touch of Southern California design and lifestyle back to her hometown, and she did just that! Stacy is the founder and principal designer of Stacy Samarin Designs, LLC, a California based interior, lifestyle and event styling firm.

Stacy works diligently to create spaces that blend new and old, modern and traditional, sophisticated and timeless styles on all budgets.

“You should love where you live so you can live the life you love. I help people make awesome spaces in their home!” ~Stacy




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