Pillow Talk

One question that I get asked all the time is, "What can I do to freshen up  my space without spending a lot of money?" Simple...think pillows.

Pillows get a bad rap sometimes because if your like me, you have a TON; on your bed, in your family room, on the chairs in your dining room. I love pillows. They are easy to change from season to season. You can add a new color scheme to your space without having to paint the whole room or get a new sofa. I can easily pick up two new pillows and incorporate them into my living room. It's a simple solution to freshen up any space with little cost to your bank account.

I always tell my design clients to invest in one set of good pillows that you know you will always want on display; either for your family room or your bedroom. I picked up these amazing black and white check print pillows that are perfect for my living room and ones that I will always want displayed. From there I can switch out coordinating pillows throughout the year, according to the season, or just because and I make sure that those pieces are more cost effective.  So there is never any guilt when I switch them out.

Lastly, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and colors. If your main pillow is a bold flower pattern, add another pattern that is smaller in scale (like a check plaid) with two colors that pull from your main pillow. If you are unsure about patterns, you can never go wrong with adding a solid color pillow (get one with texture like fur or beading). The texture will add some dimensions and character to your space.

With some new pillows, your space will be transformed in an instant!


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